Top 5 Halo Mega Bloks Sets of All Time


Review of Top 5 Halo Megabloks of all time

Mega Bloks has been making officially licensed Halo-themed construction sets since 2010 – starting with toys focused on the original Halo Wars, and expanding into every other game in the franchise in recent years. As one of the most successful toy lines from Mattel, its time to take a look at some of the most popular Halo Mega Bloks sets to ever be made. Today, we will be counting down our choices for the top five Halo Mega Bloks sets of all time.

5. Countdown

Starting off our list is probably the only set that was named after a multiplayer map, that was based on a campaign level. Countdown features the appearance of Noble 6 and Jorge lookalike figures to capture the scene from the campaign mission as the two Spartans head into space – obviously putting the official versions of the figures into this set would’ve raised the price of this already expensive set.

The main feature is clearly the UNSC Sabre docked at the top-secret research facility on Reach. While the gantry structure surrounding the prototype ship doesn’t look like much, the Sabre more than makes up for it in aestethic accuracy and cool factor. Added to this, the set also comes with a fair amount of UNSC personnel – from technicians to Marines, turning Countdown into a playset for you to act out your own UNSC space missions and top-secret operations. The set was named the Halo Fest Fan Choice for 2011, and it shows.

4. Versus: Assault on High Ground

Speaking of multiplayer map playsets, our next one is based off one of the most loved Halo 3 multiplayer maps – High Ground. It is also part of Mega Bloks‘ own mini-theme for some of their Halo sets, called Versus. This set in particular attempts to recreate the iconic wall landmark of the original map, as well as provide plenty of options and weapons for Spartans to duke it out.

Versus: Assault on High Ground comes with an array of Spartan supersoldiers that are battle-ready for this arena. The detailed terrain and sturdy assembly (of both the Ghost and the wall) make for a fun playset for you to recreate battles from your own experiences in the game, or completely new stories. The great thing about having all these bricks in one set, is you can rebuild it into different structures or military outposts. What you choose to do with this set is limited only by your imagination!

3. Covenant Phantom

Swooping in at #3 is the main dropship of the Covenant – the Phantom. This iconic ship serves not only as one of Mega Bloks’ most detailed Halo sets, but one of the best ever produced. The Phantom has always been an efficient way to deploy ground troops on the battlefield, and strikes fear into the hearts of even the most veteran UNSC Marines. This set is unique in the large amount of unique curved and purple blocks you get, as well as the small but promising selection of figures that come with it.

None other than the Arbiter from the original Halo Wars – Ripa Moramee – is featured in this set! His carefully crafted armor and meticulously painted details make him a valuable and rare collector’s item, not to mention his purple Energy Sword. Sturdy, sleek, and full of play features, the Phantom is a reminder of the elegance and power of the Covenant, with this set doubling as a great display piece or a place to store your Covenant warriors for the next battle.

2. UNSC Elephant

The lumbering titan of the UNSC Elephant rolls in to our penultimate spot. This set is not only accurate to the in-game model, but comes equipped with a full stock of weapons, gear, and Marines for deployment. As well as serving as a mobile base for UNSC troops, this Elephant comes equipped with a Mongoose for scouting operations, and a lone Spartan to lead the soldiers.

The Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Elephant is adored by many of the fans who could afford to own one of these beasts. As one of the bigger and more popular sets, it is incredibly hard-to-find nowadays, and has since been replaced with a newer variant and the UNSC Mammoth. With enough playspace inside, interactive features, and customisation potential, this set is the ultimate package for Marine collectors and UNSC fans.

1. UNSC Pelican Dropship

Since the release of the original Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Pelican Dropship, there have been numerous other Pelican sets released. While the newer versions are perhaps more well-built and have better detail than the original, they just can’t top the classic Pelican set shown here. Like the aforementioned Covenant Phantom, the UNSC Pelican Dropship does well to replicate the form and function of the in-game dropship – allowing collectors to drop off and resupply ground troops, which adds another dimension of playability to Halo Mega Bloks battles.

The figures provided in the original set included a pilot and three yellow Spartans, all brandishing different weapons (even a Katana for the Hayabusa Spartan), and can fit inside the troop bay. As far as classic Halo Mega Bloks goes, this set represents that era perfectly.The Pelican has been seen in every single Halo game, and as such is one of the most legendary vehicles in the entire series, which may be why this set became so loved by many.

That wraps up our list for the best Halo Mega Bloks sets? Did you agree with our list – were any of your favourites on here? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stay here at Follower for more Halo news and entertainment.


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