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Halo is one of those games where no matter who the developer is, the games always have a few glorious little Easter Eggs in them. So a while back on our Social Media pages we asked fans what their favorite Halo Easter Eggs are, and after taking those responses we have come up with what a top 10 list! We want to make sure and thank those who gave their thoughts! Here we go!

In no particular order

10- Dancing Marty/ODST

For some reason, this Halo: ODST Easter Egg is one of the less publicly known ones, but after watching it repeat for about 10 minutes, yes it is that enticing, you will forever have this stuck in your mind. This Easter Egg features none other than Marty O`Donnell, the legendary composer for Halo’s Bungie days, in hologram form dancing to some of his amazing melodies. Step aside hologram Tupac, hologram Marty is the real deal!

9- Scarab Gun/Halo 2

One of the most iconic Easter Eggs in Halo, the Scarab gun was such a missive hit back in the Halo 2 days that most of us had probably attempted to get this insane weapon more than a handful of times. Once you made it to where the Scarab gun lies though, all the aggravating attempts and countless hours became instantly worth it! Wielding the Scarab gun was game over for the Covenant, UNSC and probably yourself.

8- Dr Halsey’s Lab/Reach

Halsey’s lab in Halo: Reach was one giant Easter Egg in itself, but it also had many other Easter Eggs within its own mysterious location. The lab was stocked with all sorts of special goodies and salutes to special parts of the Halo community. Halsey’s lab may have been the ultimate tribute to Halo as a whole, all within a clever Easter Egg.

7- Red vs Blue/Halo 3 and Halo 4

Rooster teeth and the Red vs Blue team are the original badasses of the Halo community, so it makes 100% sense that they have gotten some awesome Easter Eggs over the Halo franchise. Halo 3 has the hilarious “password” event taking place at the closed door that features some great dialogue from RvB, and Halo 4 has even more RvB goodness. Throughout Halo 4’s Spartan Ops, you could activate dialogue and other different events that were all based on RvB. Usually making Spartan Ops more comedic and fun!

6- Halo Loading Screen Wife Tribute/Halo 3

Halo 3 had a simple but special Easter Egg within its loading screen, that featured a heartwarming tribute to a Bungie employee’s wife. If you looked at the loading screen, and more specifically the Halo ring within it, on December 25th you would see “Happy Birthday Lauren!” … It is pretty cool that bungie allowed something like this to be in such a big game like Halo, and it really reminds us of some good in the world. Almost 10 years later and we still want to wish her a happy birthday!

5- Club Grunts and Brutes/Reach

This just may be my personal favorite Easter Egg in Halo… Which is a fair statement I believe, I mean how often do you see a Brute DJ and bartenders and multiple Grunts doing some sort of modern day twerk thing that should probably be made into a dance (Someone care to get creative?). Who would have guessed that the Covenant would be such avid clubbers? Must have had some legit clubs on High Charity.

4- Conan O`Brien and Andy Richter Marines/Halo 4

Anyone remember seeing the Conan special where we got to see some hilarious behind the scenes footage from Halo 4’s development? This ultimately led to Conan O`Brien himself, along with Andy Richter starring in their own special Halo 4 cameo. If you managed to work yourself near the 2 marines sporting these two’s voices, then you earned yourself a nice little treat. It was pretty dang good guys; I am not going to lie.

3- Master Chief in Cryo-Sleep/Reach

Now, he wasn’t the main character, but the Master Chief was in Halo: Reach… For a split second, if you looked over to the right during the final cut-scene within the Pilar of Autumn, you would see Chief chilling (literally) in a cryo-chamber. This of course leads up to where Halo: CE takes off when Chief first wakes from his slumber, and gets out to rage some war on the Covies.

2- Sandworm/Halo 5

What made the sandworm Easter Egg so special was how it took place, not just during a campaign mission, but during a full on arena match map. The way how you had to activate the whole process, all while having to worry about enemies blasting you made it a fun and challenging Easter Egg to accomplish. Seeing the GIANT WORM (Marcus Fenix Clip) rise up and devour the rig out in the distance was something to remember!

1- Talking Grunts/Halo1-3

All of the original trilogy Halo games had a special Easter Egg in them that offered some of the most ridiculous and funny dialogue in the entire franchise. We are talking about the chatty, hidden Grunts that you can find in each game. Once you find these cute lil bastards, you get to hear them spout all these amazing lines that would make anyone laugh. These are a massive part of the reason why Grunts are so popular and held in such high honors when it comes to video game comedy!

So that ends our Halo Easter Egg list! There are so many Easter Eggs that have been placed for us over Halo’s life time, some of which may not have all been found yet. With a ton of help from you guys though, we were able to find and remember a bunch of these awesome bonuses to the games we all love!

Like Halo lists? Give us some ideas for lists you want to see in upcoming videos and articles! HaloFollower out!



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