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Maybe it’s a little early to start talking about the ending to Halo 6, but in this time of not much else in the Halo world happening, thinking about how the ending to the Reclaimer Saga will happen has come up again and again. This is a big deal for Halo and all its fans. The ending to a trilogy has to be damn near perfect, and with Halo 6 it is all the more important due to the backlash from the Halo 5 story. Plain and simple, 343 has to blow it out of the park and go out with a BANG to maintain itself as Halo’s heartbeat. And to do that they are going to have to do something huge. Characters are going to die…here’s why.

Halo 5 had a rare occurrence happen within its story. Not one mainline character died. Not a single one. With such a supposed galaxy-threatening and tense problem going on in the game, it is pretty strange that not one character that fans care or could care about died within the game. Expect this to be much different in Halo 6! And I will go ahead and stop a thought that is probably going in your head right now. Master Chief is not going to die, but for others in the game the same cannot be said.

Here’s a theory that may come true, only time will tell we all know this, but let’s look to the signs for who may die very soon. First and foremost, Spartan Palmer is set to have an epic, galaxy saving moment that will undoubtedly end with her demise. Here is why… She was placed in Halo to, in a way, be the spiritual successor to SGT. Johnson. Now not comparing the two characters as we know they should not be compared, look past all that… What matters is that the story has set up Palmer to go out in a bang just like Johnson. Her whole existence in the story has been to be the over the top, angry head Spartan 4 who has not been so kind to others. She needs something to redeem herself, something like a sacrifice that could save the galaxy. We shall see…

And this leads to a much more controversial idea and everything seems to be leading to this… John is going to kill Cortana in one way or another. How can there possibly be a much more climatic and truly heartbreaking moment then to see these 2 legendary characters who have been more than allies for over 15 years (Halo franchise) fight and kill one another. It makes sense that Chief will have to end his love, Cortana, from existing due to all the events of Halo 5 and even Halo 4, it just all makes sense. Cortana needs to be stopped, and if anyone but the Chief does this, it would be a total travesty. Master Chief, John as we know him, will kill Cortana… Not only ending Halo 6, but ending a true gaming icon. It will be quite the moment for all of us…

Like mentioned earlier on, the Master Chief will more than likely survive Halo 6… Think about it, sure killing him would make a huge statement, but just like we will never see Mario get killed off for Nintendo, Chief is just too damn popular and literally the face of Xbox, so why kill him off and possibly piss off millions of Halo fans, and probably even gaming fans in general. You cannot kill the face of your multi-billion-dollar company unless you can bring them back, but how would that work in Halo’s case?

What makes much more sense is to just have Chief drift off away from the franchise once again, much like what happened in Halo 3. Clearly, it won’t follow that exact same route of him getting stuck floating in space, but I’m calling it now that Chief will somehow be lost in a Forerunner digital domain or something along those lines. Waiting to one day be awoken when the galaxy needs him once again.

And this all makes sense with how Xbox will not want to kill of their big green money making machine… Doing this will enable them the possibility to bring him back down the road, which would obviously be a huge moment for the franchise much like with Halo 4. This time though, the wait will be much longer… Expect the Chief to be out of at least a few separate Halo titles, which is sad but it may be necessary for the story to move on.

Palmer, Cortana and maybe a few others are heading towards their endings in Halo 6 possibly, and although Chief’s death has been brought up countless times, it is not going to happen. He will merely just disappear for a while… Waiting for when 343, Xbox or maybe us fans need him most…

Do you think Palmer will die a valiant death? And do you think that the Chief will be forced to kill his long-time closest friend Cortana? Please… Let us know in the comments…

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