Why Does the Halo Community Hate Sarah Palmer


In one of our recent videos about the Top 5 worst characters in Halo, we couldn’t help but put one of the most controversial video game characters of the past half-decade on the list. You already know who this is I’m sure… the one and only… Sarah Palmer. So we come here today to see why she is such a hated character among the majority of the Halo community. Let’s not wait any longer to break this down!

Sarah Palmer, with respect to her character, is in all honesty a badass… She is easily one of the best Spartan 4’s, and that is relevant to her status as commander of the Spartans. So why does everyone hate her like she is the plague? It really comes down to just a few simple, but extremely important aspects of her character that causes the hate storm to constantly hover over her. See Palmer was more than likely put into the Halo series in order to fill the shoes of Sgt. Johnson, which is already a nearly impossible task, so from the beginning Palmer was already fighting an uphill battle among gaining the love of the halo community.

Unlike Johnson though, she lacked the charisma and catchy one-liners that made Johnson one of the greatest video game characters of all time. Instead her attitude and character written out by the writers for 343 decided to make her, for lack of a better word… a bitch. They could have gone almost anywhere with her character, but they choose to make her the power hungry, egotistic epitome of a self-righteous character.

Now this doesn’t always mean that the character will be hated by so much of their franchise’s community… There are plenty of asshole characters in the gaming world that manage to get away with their jackass tendencies, but not Sarah Palmer. The deal with her is just that as soon as you see her in her very first scene in Halo 4, she already decides to troll our beloved Master Chief… “I thought you’d be taller”… See that is something you just don’t do. Fortunately, Chief got back at her in the final cut scene when he towered over Palmer and the rest of the puny Spartan 4’s which made the scene mentioned earlier a little redundant, but it was just another way for people to hate her since Chief is clearly way above her in all ways.

So yea, hell of a start to her Halo career right?

Halo 4 had a new mode, which we will remember was called Spartan Ops. Palmer was one of the main stars of this mini campaign experience and it was the icing on the cake for the hate storm to commence on her. In Spartan Ops, she was so negative and hateful throughout the entire experience that by the end of side story her strict, harsh personality really started to drag most fans down.

Believe it or not, Palmer has appeared in every Halo game since Halo 4, except for Spartan Strike which was the sequel to the top-down shooter game which she starred in, Spartan Assault. She has also went on to hold a place in many of the Halo Comic issues and other forms of literature and here’s where it starts to get ridiculous. In these comics (Escalation series) she had a large part of the series dedicated to her up-bringing of becoming a Spartan and how she was affected by all the crazy events that she was a part of in the Halo universe.

Throughout all of this, her character did not change at all… even when it was teased that she was finally starting to see that she isn’t as badass and special as she thinks. Nope, the writers continued to make her the snobby smart ass that she had always been. Losing a great chance to explain why she had that personality, or allowing her to gain back some rep before the next big Halo game came out so she could start to become a better character for the fans.

In Halo 5, Palmer seemed to be finally starting to change as a character. She seemed much less into herself and more concerned for those around her. She still had a bit of that Palmer bossiness and tude that we all knew her for, but over-all she was much less aggravating as a character.When Halo 6 plays out, I really believe Palmer will finally do something that will save her character and lift the storm of hate off her. I’m going to go out now and predict that Palmer is going to give the epic sacrifice that her spiritual predecessor (Sgt. Johnson) did back in Halo 3. It would honestly not be a bad end to a character that everyone loves to hate. If this ends up being true or not, either way we will not know for quite a long time.

Spartan Sarah Palmer is the definition of a hardnosed soldier that doesn’t like to take no for an answer. She is responsible for helping to save millions of lives and has proved to be one of the best warriors in the galaxy. With her dual wielding pistols, assortment of badass fighting abilities, solid leadership attributes and all her other skills, she is without a doubt a great addition to the Halo universe. Don’t forget that her good looks and badass looking Scout armor make her even more of a memorable character. Her voice actor, Jennifer Hale, also did a great job in voicing the character and even though her script for the character made Palmer out to be a real prick, Hale still delivered one hell of a great voice over for Palmer throughout the series.

This is all just more proof that even though you may perform and look like a true badass of a character, that it doesn’t mean that you will still be loved by the fans. Don’t give up now Commander Palmer… You still have time to destroy the community hate.

So here’s a question for you guys and gals, what do you think Palmer could do to gain the love of the Halo community? What do you think will happen to her in Halo 6? Let us know!

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