Halo 6: 10 Maps That Should Make a Comeback


Some of the best maps in Halo 5 are the ones that were re-makes, with Forge, of old Halo maps that many of us die-hard Halo fans have had a connection with over the years. With Halo 6 still having enough time to add in features into its development, we have decided to take a look at all the maps that have ever been in Halo and choose 10 that we feel have a chance of being remade and returning back in Halo 6. And I’m not talking just Forge remakes, but full on, brand new creations of these maps made by 343 themselves!

In no particular order

Sword Base

Halo: Reach had some of the best maps in Halo history, and certainly some of the most fun… Sword Base is right there on that list of great Reach maps. Due to its multi-level gameplay, with multiple ways of traversing up or down these levels, whether by grav-lifts or by a variety of stairs and ramps, Sword Base had some interesting encounters, and you never really got bored since there were so many ways of tackling this map. Great for most game-types, especially Infection, Sword Base is high on many Halo fans’ list of favorite maps.

Forge World “The Cage”

Being the only Forge map on this list, you may be wondering why include this map? Well, it is simple. This map is one of the best maps for any game-type in probably all the Halo games. Never having a dull moment, The Cage was usually an adrenaline pumping map that made some of the most exciting moments on Halo: Reach. Seeing this map remade into an actual full-on map would be huge, and sure bring a level of fun that has been absent in Halo 5’s maps.

Beaver Creek

One of the original great Halo maps, Beaver Creek is one of those Halo maps that most fans probably instantly recognize upon its mention. Being super-fast-paced and having the two bases on either side really opened up this map for both competitive and casual play. Being such an iconic map, it is really strange that this map hasn’t seen many new variations come into existence. With Halo 6 though, we may just get this classic map back to have some fun, chaotic battles on once again!


Let’s state first that all the other variations of the map called Coagulation in Halo 2, are all fantastic! Whether its Blood Gulch, Hemorrhage, and even Valhalla and Ragnorok, all are badass and deserve to be on this list. The only reason why we choose Coagulation over the others is for the fact that seeing this version remade for MCC was awesome, and to see it once again on a much more “new” game would be exciting stuff.

Last Resort

We all recognize this map for its massive rotating wheel placed in the middle of this uniquely designed map. With an ocean surrounded by ancient ruins on one side, a giant technologically advanced UNSC building on the other side, and the addition to the giant wheel… Last Resort is one of the most creative and fun maps in Halo history! Made for pure Halo chaos, but could also be a hell of a competitive map.


Now not all of you may remember this map, and if you haven’t please go search it right now. Halo CE has some of the best bigger maps ever, but for some reason they have gotten forgotten, which a lot has to do with these maps not being able to be played with more than 4 players until the MCC was released. Even then, many people never got to play them due to the MCC’s issues. Timberland stands out in these maps due to the sheer rural, tree-covered forest that the map makes its home on. Halo doesn’t get maps like this anymore and it is a damn shame.



We all had matches where we whooped the other team on Boardwalk; We all have had matches where we were the ones getting whooped… That’s what helped make Boardwalk such a deserving map to bring back. So many epic encounters and battles, and we cannot forget the multiple glitch-spots that were exploited in this map (especially in Infection). With many different ways of traversing this multi-level map, it is strange that it wasn’t remade in Halo 5 and all the verticality the game claims it focuses on.

High Ground

Another great non-symmetrical map, High Ground was the setting for countless battles in the golden years of Halo 3. With a storm the beaches like feel to this map due to one team having to fight their way up the hill and past the enemy wall and gate, the map opened up a lot of play styles for players. You could charge straight towards the enemy, or take it slow and take cover in the base or behind whatever rock or small tree you can find. Super fun, but still allowing some competitive show downs.


Halo 4 had a few memorable maps, but Exile may just be the top dog amongst fans. One of the better medium sized maps to ever be in a Halo game, Exile made great use of its relatively small amount of space and somehow managed to fit not only 16 players, but also multiple vehicles! The small structure in the middle of Exile was a popular area to rage shootouts in, and whoever controlled this middle set themselves up for a much easier victory.


Another reason why Halo CE may have had the best big maps in all of Halo. Older Halo fans can probably think of more than a few awesome matches played with friends back in the early 2000s on this snowy, ice-covered map. This map was a Snipers heaven with wide open sight lines, but the use of Warthogs and clever play helped make the map more balanced. To see this map make a full on comeback with total modern multiplayer support would be jaw dropping.

This concludes our list of epic Halo maps that hopefully 343 adds into Halo 6. The next halo game needs much better maps than Halo 5, and although the Halo 5 maps are solid and really well made for eSPORTS, they just don’t have that awesome Halo feel that has allowed so many of us to have so much fun for almost 15 years. There are also other maps that definitely deserve to come back, Guardian for example, and in the end our list is just based on individual opinions. It would be badass to see many Halo maps come back that can’t fit in a 10 list countdown.

What maps do you want to see make a comeback in Halo 6? Make sure and let the 343 know by spreading it in the comments below! Stay tuned to Follower.gg


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