Halo 5: Top 5 Armors


Halo 5 has no lack of selection when it comes to its Spartans’ armor… With well over 100 armor options for us players to choose from, we knew there had to be some that stood above the rest on the battlefield, oh and don’t forget the lobby. So let’s cut the chatter, and get to our TOP 5 ARMORS IN HALO 5.

5. Noble


The glory days of Noble Team first started in Halo 5 with -oh so special to Reach fans- Spartan Carter’s very own set of glorious armor. For the most part, this new design stayed very true to the original and definitely has an aura of cool that comes with it. The Noble set of armor variations(skins), are also very well done compared to most other armor skins in the game, which helps give another edge to this armor. Not all Halo 5 players can say they have the same leadership and heroics qualities of Spartan Carter, but at least they can look as cool as him…

4. Mark IV


Wait… so I bet you are asking why we chose the Mark IV armor and not Chief’s classic Mark V or Mark VI? Well the response to that is very simple… they just can’t compete with this pure old-school design of Spartan armor. This armor just resonates badass, and is definitely one of the more realistic, and resembles the less flashy Spartan armor designs of back in the early days of Halo customization. It would have been great to see more of this armor in the Halo franchise, but knowing that Spartan Red Team sports this armor is a pure sign that we can be sure to see Mark IV again.

3. Hunter


Hate him or love him, Locke’s armor is without a doubt one of the more memorable Halo Spartan armor designs of Halo 5, and maybe even all Halos. It is a very sleek and tight fitting design, which makes your Spartan look more beefed up than other Spartans. The addition of the 2 noticeable, what looks like antenna, coming from the top of the shoulders of the Hunter armor is something that helps it stand out even more. Now if only the Hunter armor looked like it does on Locke during the campaign, then maybe the Hunter armor would be higher up the list.

2. Wrath


It is pretty clear that 343 knew how much of a badass Emile was… That is why they made sure that not only the helmet, but the entire Wrath armor looks like something you wouldn’t want to see on an enemy coming straight at you. The armor steps away from the sleek and “snug” design of armors that 343 has been known for since its takeover, and goes back to a more rugged, bulky and wartorn looking design that was common in Halo: Reach especially. Something that future Halo games should definitely dabble more in to have a wider variety of customization for players.

1. Achilles


Was there any doubt that one of the hardest to achieve armors in Halo 5 is number 1? What makes the Achilles armor even better is that you have to actually earn the armor through completing kill accommodations in Halo 5. At this moment, it is the only armor that you can actually earn straight from Halo 5. The armor itself just looks like something a true god of the game would wear, plus to go along with that fact that the armor was earned and not received due to luck makes it so much sweeter.

The Achilles armor and helmet have topped our respective lists for both parts of the Halo 5 customization. Other than the clear fact that the Achilles set looks fantastic, there is something more to the Achilles that makes it so special and an easy number 1. The fact that this armor and helmet are EARNED is so key to it being top dog that hopefully EARNED armors become more of a norm for Halo beyond Halo 5.

So what do you think of the list? Any changes you would make? Make sure and let us know below! Also, for a finishing question… What Halo 5 list would you want to see next?

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