Your Guide to Choosing the Right Class to Play in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is a winner as far as social gaming is concerned. It’s as if Bungie was all along reading the ever-evolving mind of Destiny’s players, and responded by granting them their wish, Destiny 2.

Much can be said about the game, but at the heart of it all is the foundation upon which the game is built: class. Speaking of which, the game comes with three different class options Hunters, Titans and Warlocks, each of which boasts its own set of unmatched abilities, skills, and another unique set of sub-classes.

This raises the most important question players ask all the time What class did you pick for the game? If you’re completely green on the subject or wish to know how your choice of class will influence how much you get to enjoy the game, read on.

Class Basics

This section comes as a quick primer for beginners or those who’ve been away for some time and would therefore wish to remind themselves about the game’s basics.

Besides subclass abilities, the primary distinguishing features among the three classes are the armor level, class item, melee animation and mobility ability or jump.


This is most armored class of the three. They are better at defending and acting as front-line assault units.

They have a fearsome punch for their melee, and are created to show off their achievements and skills on a decorated fabric they wear at the right hip. Titans come equipped with boosters that will be thrusting them from one point to another through air.


  • Strongest of the three.
  • Equipped to do enough collateral damage that could flip a game’s outcome. It also comes with additional protection, and has the ability to destroy turrets and vehicles in one go.
  • Ultra powerful melee
  • Comes with a grenade that you could put to a strategic use


  • Poor mobility


Warlock is the most lightly armored of the bunch. It’s the class to settle for if you prefer launching serious damages from afar.

They have an open-palmed shove or slap for their melee, with one of their arms decorated with a simple bond symbolizing the mystical connection they have with the traveler.

They also have a hovering glide for their mobility, which allows them to remain afloat in the air for longer than any of the classes.


  • They have a ranged Super and AOE that allow for even more efficient shots.
  • Their grenade can do massive damages and in a more efficient manner with a proper targeting
  • Wisest of the three


  • Fairly slow Super that must be correctly aimed. This makes it easy to miss if you’re NOT careful.
  • Their Melee dictates that you be very close to your enemies to destroy them. This puts you at risk of harm.


Hunters are a medium range armor option. They are also considered agile sharpshooters with the ability to move in and out of cover super-fast and cause severe damages.

They have a preference for knives, and therefore have a stab as their un-upgraded melee. They can also perform double jumps during their mid-air hops to dodge an aim.


  • They can throw knives with so much ease and without putting themselves at risk of injury.
  • Their Super can be deployed from a range, thus allowing for a more strategic placement.
  • Using their grenade is super easy. Plus it’s been designed to provide an immediate damage and with an additional burn damage.
  • The most precise of the three.


  • The damage caused by their super is NOT as severe as the damage posed by the Titan and Warlock.
  • Thrown knife don’t cause much harm.


So which Class Should You Pick from the Three?

It’s no secret that the class you choose to play in Destiny 2 is essential in determining your outcome or how well you’ll be enjoying the game.

In terms of aesthetics, Titans are the most heavily armored of the bunch, as they come covered in heavy gears from head to toes. Warlocks will be donned in trench coats while hunters will be in capes and hoods. So if your pick is entirely based on looks, you might want to consider between Titans and hunters.

Hunters are the most agile of the bunch. They have the ability to leap and dodge aims with so much ease. On the contrary, Warlocks tend to be more static, and tend to avoid damages by keeping a safe berth. Titans, on the other hand, boast a certain degree of mobility, and which doesn’t come at the expense of their brute force more so during close quarter engagements.

Regardless of the choice you make, Destiny 2 still guarantees so much fun. If you still haven’t made up your mind at this point, then you can try testing all the three and thereafter make a pick based on the experience you get.


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