Destiny 2: Why PC is better than Console


The near future launch of Destiny 2 in both the console and PC versions brings up a question among all the Destiny enthusiasts, “Destiny 2: PC or Console?” It ought to be noted that as for the content, it is same across both PC and console with some important differences on other specifications. Let us get straight to understand what the new version has to offer on each of these two platforms.

Release dates

The console version of the Destiny 2 would be released earlier with the expected launch date being September 6. The PC version has a later launch date of October 24. This would give an early starter edge to the console users as they go about discovering and unlocking features of Destiny 2 while the PC users wait for the launch of their version. However, the advantage that PC users can have is that this would give the developers i.e. Bungie time period of 6 weeks to work on any fixes if needed and set them by the time of PC version launch.


  • Release later on October 24


  • Release Earlier in September 6

Frame Rate

The major difference which can be observed between the two versions is the frame rate. The console version is locked at 30 fps, which is good for most of the gamers but the PC version with an unlocked frame rate, sometimes extending up to 100 fps makes it more seamless and fluidic. Of course, one ought to be having the right hardware as well to be able to support these higher frame rates. The PC version provides you with the flexible option of locking the frame rate at 30 fps or 60 fps.


  • Uncloaked Frame Rate
  • Up to 100 FPS
  • Smoother gameplay


  • Locked at 30 FPS

Game Controls

The console version does have great graphics but playing in the PC version is on to a totally different level. The minute specifications that one can observe in the PC version are many times not clearly visible when played on a console. The colorful schemes that appear quite outstanding in a PC version do pale the blurry impressions one gets in the console versions. It is not only just the visual treat but purely from a gaming perspective the PC version allows you to make more observations in regard to the body language and facial expressions of the enemies.

Game Controls

Destiny 2 Game Controller

The PC version provides you with an option of playing with a mouse and keyboard as well as to switch on to the option of controllers as in the case of consoles. It does boil down to the personal preference and what each individual gamer is comfortable with.

For someone who has played with both the options, the general agreement across is that the mouse and key board provides better aim to shoot in comparison to the controllers. However the console users have the benefit of shoot assist and tracking which should help them to identify and shoot the targets easily.

Further to that playing with the control on console does provide a more realistic in action feel. The PC version has been tweaked in for couple of aspects to be more aligned with the mouse & key board control like the feature of recoil after shooting do not exist in the PC version.


  • Better aim and control


  • Shoot assist and tracking
  • Realistic in action feel


As any gaming enthusiast would vouch, the gaming community forms an integral and important part of the whole gaming experience especially with the game like Destiny.

Destiny 2 does not offer you with the option of shifting between the platforms.

So, if you are opting for a PC version , it would mean that you would be leaving your friends on the console platform behind unless you are able to convince all or at least a considerable number of them to switch on to PC.

Since you would not be able to transfer the progress in between the platforms, it surely would be a challenge for people to leave all the progress made playing on console and shift to PC after 6 weeks once that version is launched.


With all these aspects in mind, we have to go back to the original question, Destiny 2: PC or Console? A Destiny enthusiast would surely want to jump on to the update bandwagon as soon as possible hence the console seems to be a better option to stick on to and explore the options Destiny 2 has to offer instead of waiting for the release of the PC version.

The chance that most of the friends on Destiny would choose the console version could be an added incentive. However the controls and the enhanced gaming experience that the PC version promises would make one to wait for it’s realize.

It is an undisputed fact that the gaming experience on PC would be on to a totally different level in comparison to the console. There could be others like me who would want to jump on the console version the moment Destiny 2 releases , explore the options and then plan to switch to PC upon its release it to have a different enhanced version of the game and hope my buddies would follow suit by switching on to PC.


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