Darth Sidious: The Extended Universe


Greetings Followers. Recently we saw the life and times of Emperor Palpatine. Now according to the new “Disney Universe” this is how his life ends. He dies at the Death Star II over Endor.But according to the Extended Universe the story is much more interesting. Because Darth Sidious is alive.

Palpatin’s Rebirth
Sidious never intended to be replaced by an apprentice and was expecting to rule his Empire for ever. But as he was unable to fully master his Master’s secret of eternal life, he found a different way to cheat death by preserving his spirit after the death of his body, by the method of spirit transference. He arranged for a series of clones of himself to be created for his spirit to possess, in the event that he perished. His primary supply of clones was kept on Byss, guarded by loyal Dark Jedi and other guards.

Darth Sidious Citadel on Planet Byss, his base after the battle of Endor
After the destruction of the second Death Star, Palpatine’s spirit was forced to journey in the the void, with both whre various deceased Sith spirits aid him in his journey back to the living plane of existenceEventually he was able to journey to Byss, where Palpatine was able to take possession of a clone of himself.

There, on Byss, he would remain for years and would rebuild his strength and Empire. Resurrected, Palpatine accelerated his plan to replace the Galactic Empire with a “Dark Empire,” a universe-spanning theocracy ruled through the dark side of the Force alone, without the need for regional governors or technological domination.
Following Palpatine’s death, a year-long period of mourning was instituted throughout the Empire.
Palpatine’s rule was so absolute that his apparent death at the Battle of Endor fragmented the Galactic Empire. Without an heir, opportunistic Moffs and other officers turned into warlords and set out to carve their own kingdoms wherever they could. This worked to the advantage of the New Republic, which succeeded in reclaiming much of the galaxy. Palpatine himself also exploited the various infighting between various Imperial officers to call in various forces with the title of Omnipotent Battle Leader, which also ensured his revival remained a secret to the New Republic.

The Empire Reborn

Darth Sidious and Luke
While he was recovering in his haven in Byss, Palpatin saw his Empire being torn to pieces by the New Republic forces and the ongoing civil wars among, opportunistic Moffs and other officers who tried to create their own little empires.

Out of the blue his last surviving Grand Admiral came back to the galaxy. Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was armed with a plan he outlined to imperial officers would defeat the New Republic. Heartened by the possibility of wresting back their power from the Rebels, they managed to set aside their differences and grant him overall command of their forces, with an eye toward making him their figurehead emperor. When Palpatine learned of this, he was genuinely devastated. He remained hidden and did not help Thrawn in his campaign.

Thrawn’s cunning tactics and unerring strategies brought the Empire to the brink of victory- he evn invaded Coruscant and laid waste to the Imperial City but failed to destroy the New Republic.

It was then that the resurrected Emperor struck. Using his dark powers to create a powerful Force storm, he swept Luke Skywalker to Byss. There, he revealed himself to Luke, and revealed the power of the dark side. Faced with an immortal foe, Luke he knelt before Sidious, and submitted himself as the Emperor’s new Sith apprentice.

Unfortunately for the Empire, Luke stubbornly clung to his old loyalties. Immediately after being appointed he tried to sabotage Palpatine’s work. His treachery obviously could not go unnoticed for long. From the beginning, Palpatine and his most trusted officers were aware of it. Behind the scenes they began expressing their concerns to him about Skywalker’s actions. Palpatine reassured themand countered Skywalker’s moves, maximizing his gains and cutting his losses. Ultimately, victory or defeat in a single battle, or even an entire campaign, was less important than acquiring an apprentice as powerful as Skywalker promised to be.

In the end, Skywalker was too enmeshed in the dark side to successfully rebel against his new master, despite marching into the cloning lab and smashing Palpatine’s cloning tanks. Before he could finish the job, Sidious transferred his spirit into one of the last clones. Luke then attempted to subdue Sidious, citing that his time as the Sith Lord’s apprentice had given him knowledge of Sidious’ weaknesses. Sidious engaged Luke in a lightsaber duel. However, even Luke’s skills were not enough, and he fell before Palpatine’s brutally intense swordplay.
Appearing in his dreadnought Eclipse above Pinnacle Base, Palpatine demanded the return of his stolen holocron and the presence of Leia, who complied, in exchange for a possible truce with the New Republic. When Leia arrived aboard Eclipse, she implored Luke for help—as foretold by Bodo Baas’s Master a thousand years earlier. Skywalker managed to cast off the veil of the dark side that cloaked his mind and turned on Palpatine. Enraged at this latest development, Palpatine brandished a blue-bladed lightsaber and struck at Luke. Despite Palpatine’s viciousness, Luke managed to defeat the Sith Lord in a brief but intense lightsaber duel, slicing off his hand.[165]

Palpatine was hardly finished, summoning a Force storm against the New Republic fleet. However, Luke and Leia banded together and manage temporarily to stop Palpatine’s connection to the Force. The Force storm, uncontrollable, destroyed Eclipse, killing Palpatine again while the pair fled, ending the Battle of Pinnacle Base. His spirit survived and found its way into another clone body.

Sidious summons a Force storm that destroys a New Republic Fleet
Having returned in yet another clone, Palpatine continued his campaign against the New Republic. Armed with the deadly superweapons, the Galaxy Gun, and Eclipse II, Palpatine launched a devastating attack which forced many New Republic worlds to submit to Imperial rule.

But, despite his growing Empire, Palpatine was again deteriorating and becoming frail and weak. With his body wasting away rapidly, he went to the Sith world Korriban to consult the ancient spirits of Sith. They advised that he use Leia’s newborn son, Anakin Solo to house his spirit. Having no pother choice he made course for the Onderon system, to find young Anakin Solo.
The Emperor faced Leia and demanded that her newest child be his to possess. She fought back, but was no match for the Emperor. Before he could complete his plot, Luke Skywalker and two other Jedi, Rayf Ysanna and Empatojayos Brand, arrived. Palpatine killed Ysanna instantly and fatally wounded Brand, but was shot in the back by an enraged Han Solo during the conflict.

Sidious spirit departs from his body
His last body destroyed, the Emperor’s spirit flew toward young Anakin Solo, but the dying jedi Brand, in a heroic final act stand in the way and absorbed it. Both the souls became one with the Force, and the Emperor was finally dead.

That was the story of Sidious in the extended universe. Quite interesting you would agree. Now, share your opinions and stay tuned to follower for more articles and news.


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