Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious (Final Part)


Greetings Followers! This is the final part of the story of Darh Sidious. Last time we saw Sidious life as a Chancellor and his continious tries to undermine the Republic. Finally we saw young Skywalker being turned to the Dark Side. Let’s continue our story!

The Jedi Temple and Order 66
Sidious, placed Vader commander of the 501st Legion, a special clone trooper unit he had long ago set aside for just such tasks, and sent them off to the Temple. to execute operation Knightfall. wThe destruction of the Jedi Temple and the death of all the young padawans.

Through the night and into the early morning Vader and his soldiers butchered the Temple’s younglings and their masters.

While Vader took care of the jedis in the Temple Sidious saw to the other Jedi. Sidious reached out to key a special frequency into his holocomm. He contacted the various clone trooper commanders to issue a single command: Execute Order 66.

On a thousand fronts, spread over some two hundred worlds, Jedi commanders suddenly found themselves facing the guns of their own troops. Almost to a man, the clones performed spectacularly – 99% of the Order had been eliminated at a stroke.

After that, he went to the Temple and witnessed Darth Vader exterminating the last Jedi younglings.Then Sidious sent Vader to Mustafar to destry the Separatist Council.
The end of the Clone Wars and the brth of the Galactic Empire
The Separatist leaders fortified themselves up on Mustafar and waited for further instructions from Sidious. Vader soon arrived and slaughtered all the Council members.
Sidious gave new instructions to Vader, telling him to deactivate the droid armies. Vader did as instructed, and a coded signal was sent out over every HoloNet repeater in the galaxy. When received, every battle droid simply turned itself off. The manufactured threat of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, having served its purpose, was deactivated, and the Clone Wars, had ended.

It remained only for Sidious to gain once more the Senate’s support, so he called for a special session to inform them of the Jedi’s uprising against the democracy.
The Senators were informed of the Jedi plan to kill him, and overthrow the Senate as well. Sidious blamed the Jedi Order for everything he had done for the past three decadesand announce them the birth of the first Galactic Empire. All who believed that the end of the war meant the end of Palpatine’s rule were wrong. All the Senators voted yes for the reformation of the Republic into the first Galactic Empire-even those who despised and hated Palpatine.

Imperial Reign
With the rise of the Empire, all the institutions of the old Republic were renamed to”Imperial” to glorify the new Emperor; Imperial Center, Galactic City was renamed Imperial City, Imperial Senate and so on.

Under the leadership of Palpatine’s advisors,the secret services of the Empire gained a powerful hold over the galaxy, and its organs insinuated themselves into every corner of society. The Coalition for Progress, just one of these organisations, established monitoring agencies to keep track of all aspects of life. Long story short every aspect of evryday life for every living being in Sidious Empire was monitored.
Palpatine’s totalitarian regime was continually strengthening in its first years. Non-Humans and women were excluded from much of this New Order, and atrocities committed by powerful regional governors were common. He also purged all officers suspected of anti-Imperial sentiments, and ordered the complete annexation of the defeated Separatists holdings for Imperial use.

While in poower he united the galaxy under his tule sendung his troops to conquer the wolrds of Outer Rims and of course, to sut down any form of rebellion. He and his apprentice, Darth Vader hunted down and killed many Jedi survivors of the Jedi Purge. He also acquired more Sith knowledge through Jedi holocrons.

There were many assasination attempts towards Palpatine, coming from rebels, frustrated officers of the Imperial Navy or even Jedi’s but he managed to escape all of them alive.

At around 00 BBY Darth Sidious dissoluted the Imperial Senate and arrested all the Senates that opposed him. This act was both symbolic and sunstantial. He erased the last traces of the old Republic and exterminated those who supported the rebels.

The downfall of Palpatin

The Empire was at war with the rebels for years. The Rebel Allince, which spores were seeded even before the Empire-era, had managed to achieve a great victories most profound of all, the destructionof the Death Star, at the Battle of Yavin. Now Palpatin eager to put an end to the Galactic Civil War and solidify his rule once and for all crafted an intricate plan to lure the entirety of the Rebel Alliance into a death trap. A second, more powerful Death Star was being built over Endor, a forest moon orbiting a gas giant of the same name, protected by a shield generator on the moon’s surface.

Palpatine allowed Rebel spies to learn of the Death Star’s location while planting disinformation which suggested the superweapon was not yet operational. In reality, the station’s prime weapon was complete and fully functional, and an enormous contingent of the Imperial Navy was there to protect it. Darth Vader and later Palpatine himself went on board the battle station, believing that if the Rebels thought they had a chance to destroy the Empire’s new superweapon and kill the Emperor himself in the process, they wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to launch an all-out attack, and they were correct. He also anticipated the possibility that the Rebel Alliance would send a strike team to the forest moon to take down the Death Star II’s shield, and made sure that the forces near the generator be guarded by an entire legion of his best troops belonging to the various primary branches of the Imperial Military specifically to ensure the strike team failed to destroy the generator before the Rebel fleet arrived.

Despite this he never sensed Luke Skywalket being on the moon alongside the Rebel Force. It was Vader who sensed him and brough him to the Emperor. Luke Skywalker, who was convinced that his father could be turned back to the light side, allowed himself to be captured and brought to the Death Star—just as Palpatine had foreseen. When the Alliance Fleet arrived, Palpatine unveiled histrap: the Death Star’s superlaser was operational, contrary to what the Rebels had expected. As Luke’s frustration grew with the Alliance’s desperate situation, the Emperor manipulated him into a duel with Darth Vader.

As Palpatine expected Luke beat Vader and nearly killed him but,at the last minute he controlled his anger. He realised that he was dangerously close to suffering his father’s fate, he discarded his lightsaber and turned to face the Emperor, stating that he was a Jedi, like his father before him.
Enraged, but still using a portion of his powers to monitor the battle,he was aware that the Rebel fleet, though suggered great loses, was now holding its own against his most powerful armada, and that, worse still, the Rebels on Endor had somehow cut off the shields protecting the Death Star; the station was now vulnerable to attack. None of these problems were insurmountable: He already had a contingency plan of blowing up Endor issued in case the Rebels did such an action, he would blow up Endor.
Palpatine had one concern left: the venting of his awesome rage. He knew that it would not be enough to simply kill Skywalker; he had to suffer for his defiance. Raising his arms, Palpatine released a withering barrage of Force lightning that tore through the boy and brought him to his knees. Although the first barrage was intensely painful, it was not lethal, and the Emperor gradually increased its intensity.

Palpatine intended that Vader also pay for seeking to use Skywalker against him; Vader would be forced to carry his son’s dead body to the core shaft and throw it into the chasm. If Palpatine had any doubts, they were answered when he saw Vader dragging himself to his feet and resuming his place at his master’s side. However, Palpatine had forgotten what had first enabled him to convert Anakin Skywalker—his desperate need to keep those he cared for from dying—and he had never expected that Vader would refuse to watch his son die, and act to prevent it.

Dath Sidious unleashes a bolt of Force Lighnting to Luke
Without warning, Vader grabbed Palpatine from behind, carried him to the edge of the shaft, lifted him and, with the last of his strength, hurled the Emperor into the abyss. He plummeted four hundred kilometers down the shaft. Shortly after hitting the reactor, still discharging his force lightning, he then exploded into dark side energy, with it encompassing the throne room before eventually falling back down the shaft.

Emperor Palpatine was dead. Minutes later, his former apprentice Anakin Skywalker also died. With them ended the lineage of Sith Lords that had existed unchanged since the time of Darth Bane. It was this that brought about the long-awaited restoration of balance to the Force. With the death of its Head of State the Imperial Forces lost their morale and will to fight and -subsequently- the following battle over Endor. The Empire, however would continue to fight for 4 years.

Darth Sidious is dead. Or is he?

That was the end of the story of Palpatine’s life. There are more facts about him and according to the extended universe (not the Disney one) he managed to survive the battle of Endor and return to life. He even reformed his Empire, but this will becovered in another article. For now stay tuned to Follower for your favorite franchises!


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