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What Will Be The Fate of Cortana In Halo 6

Greetings Followers. This time we will make hypotheses on Cortana and her role in the upcoming title of the Halo universe. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Okay, now at the end of Halo 4 we all though Cortana died on the Mantle’s Approach but she didn’t. She managed to make a slipspace jump along with the heart of Mantle’s Approach to the Forerunner world of Genesis, which is a node for the Domain, a quantum information repository that was once used by the Forerunners to contain vast amounts of knowledge.The Domain was created by the Precursors over 500 million years before the end of the Forerunner civilization, as a library of experience and cultural exchange, totalling a hundred billion years’ worth of knowledge.

Cortana and John during the final moments on Mantle’s Approach

There she was reassembled and tasked with leading the Reclamation of the Mantle by the Forerunner artificial intelligence known as the Warden Eternal. By their alliance, a new faction was born – the Created. Rogue artificial intelligences founded by Cortana with the aim of assuming the Mantle of Responsibility over the rest of the galaxy, and using massive Guardians to enforce a galactic peace.

Cortana eventually made contact with Master Chief through a vision, leading him and the rest of Blue Team to the planet Meridian. After descending into the Forerunner ruins on Meridian, Blue Team encountered Fireteam Osiris who attempted to forcibly return them to the UNSC. Eventually she diectly made contact with Blue Team, and explained to Master Chief how she was able to heal herself after the wreckage of the Didact’s ship brought her to Genesis via slipspace.

Cortana and Warden Eternal

Cortana claimed that the entire galaxy would know peace once she had attained the Mantle, despite the Chief’s counterpoint that she could never achieve peace by ruling through fear. Knowing that the Chief now stood against her, Cortana tearfully imprisoned him and Blue Team within a Cryptum, intending to keep them there for 10,000 years until her power would be consolidated and she could show them what her peace has wrought. Sometime later, Fireteam Osiris arrived on Genesis and managed to wrest control of the Cryptum and restore control to Genesis’s monitor, 031 Exuberant Witness, who assisted in releasing Blue Team.

Meanwhile, Cortana arrived on Earth and unleashed a large EMP, which shut down all UNSC craft in orbit as well as Earth’s power grid. Only the Infinity managed to escape. At the same time her AI’s began shutting down all technology from Earth to the Outer Colonies.

Alright now, we know these things, question is what will happen in Halo 6?

There are some things that we know.

Cortana (and some other AIs) are trying to assume the Mantle of responsibility.
The Created have unleased the Guardians and claimed countless lives.
They have brought humanity into a chaotic state.
Cortana controls a Halo Installation and most likely plans to use it in case of emergency.
Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris will try to stop her.
Infinity managed to escape from Cortana and is hiding until there is a way to stop her.

The Created control the Promethean forces and the Guardians. They have shut down the communications across Earth and its colonies. They might attack humanity and demand its surrender to their faction. The same will apply to other species as well.

The Legendary ending to Halo 5‘s campaign shows a Halo ring light up as Cortana hums in the background. The insinuation being that she is ready and willing to use the Halo ring (or rings) to enforce her brand of peace.

Why would Cortana destroy all sentient life in the galaxy? Maybe the idea of destroying organic life in the galaxy sounds perfectly fine to her. The activation of the Halo rings would kill only organic life and leave AIs to claim the galaxy. Or maybe she wants to use it as a last-resort weapon in case all her other plans fail.

Blue Team and Osiris are on Sanghelios. They will try to defend humanity and find a way to stop Cortana and Warden Eternal to realise their plans. Infinity will try to meet with them to organise a resistance against the hundreds of AIs and Promethean forces who will rule large parts of the galaxy. I firmly believe that we will fight on the Halo installation and we will destroy one, once again.

A crazy Hypothesis

Is Cortana and her Created a way for the Precursor to avenge humanity and the galaxy?

I know this sounds strange and this is a long shot but let’s think of it.

Cortana was abducted by The Gravemind in Halo 2 – her code may have been manipulated by him. We know that the Flood (which are Precursors) have an ability called the “Logic Plague” – a technique used by the Flood to attack and subvert intelligences through non-biological means. Her interrogation by the Gravemind surely had accelerated her rampancy and might had “damaged” her in ways that could not be fixed.

Additionally, we learnt that she was able to save herself through the Domain. But the Domain – in the Forerunner histoty – is the mythical ‘Organon’, an artifact of incredible power, believed by some Forerunners to be able to activate all Precursor artifacts. After the destruction of Installation 00 and the assumed death of that Gravemind, maybe the Precursor-Flood consciousness tried to find another way to unite the galaxy under one strict dictatorship.

The AI Mendicat Bias allying with the Flood

So right now Cortana will be the villain and the main antagonist in Halo 6. It sure is interesting how John and Cortana’s relationship will be from now on. Share your opinion in the comment section and analyse your theories! Stay here at Follower for more Halo content.


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