is a Limited company registered in the United States. Our goal is to inform, and entertain as many people as possible in a specific or few but closely related gaming communities we personally love. Our medium tailors online journalistic forms of media including videos, articles, and social media posts.

The company was founded on June 8 2013 by Halo, and since then has grown to being the largest Halo Youtube channel to exist resting at over four hundred thousand subscribers, owned the world’s 7th largest Halo team “Team Viper” in 2015, and has reached out to over 9 million individual Halo fans, almost half of the Halo community. So far, we’ve recieved 200 million views, 750+ thousand subscribers, generated 400+ million clicks, and been involved with the Gaming industry such as TGN, FanFiber, MLG, Halo 5 Hunt the Truth, Microsoft, Bungie, and more.

Our culture at Follower is very dedicated, and true to our favored franchises, and companies! We all have something in common; love for the games. Any gamer can like any franchise, and genre, but at Follower we know exactly we love, and follow.